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Alex Ellis Photo Profile
Alex Ellis Photo Profile

Hello. I’m Alex, and you’ve got landed on my deanesbuslines.com.au blog. Welcome!

I grew up in Sydney. At Sydney University, I studied foreign languages. I’m currently operating within the promoting sector in my town.

Perhaps it’s the 2 countries that are stuck in my heart since I used to be born, that I’m curious about different cultures and ways that of life. Also, as you recognize, the most effective thanks to getting to understand one another are to travel.

How did this diary come back about?

For me, I forever wished to create tiny albums of my travels and to stock them with photos, tickets and every one style of different presents. However since I ne’er found the proper collection, my photos were solely in folders on my computer – and my reminiscences were in them.

Then I had the thought to capture these photos with my reminiscences merely during a diary.

Since 2017, I have been covered on my travels, experiences and impressions for you and behalf of me. I’ll offer you travel tips and write here if I don’t like one thing. Special interests of mine ar culture, nature, hiking, wellness, wine and pleasure.

Therefore, I prefer to go to UN agency World Heritage Sites and also the cultural capitals of Europe. I am glad that you just found the thanks to my diary, even more, I’m so happy regarding comments. If you’ve got any inquiries, write Maine.

Sunny greetings,
Alex Ellis